A fierce, pint-size warrior venturing abroad for her clan


School: Assassin
Heroism: 150


  • Power: 3
    • Strength: 3
    • Resilience: 3
  • Wisdom: 2
    • Perception: 2
    • Willpower: 2
  • Courage: 3
    • Agility: 3
    • Intelligence: 3
  • Magic: 2

Movement: 40’ per round


Athletics: 3 (Defense)
Survival: 2
Polearms: 3 (javelin)
Bow: 1
Stealth: 3 (Ambush)
Investigation: 2 (Notice)
Thrown: 2
Hylian: 2
Area Knowledge: 1 (great forest?)
Moblin Culture: 1

Relevant Combat Skills:

TN to be hit: 21 (5×3(agility) + 3 (resilience) + 3 (armor))
Attack roll (spear): 6k4 + 6 (3 agility, 3 Polearm skill-javelin specialty, school boost—Power, legendary weapon), damage roll 3k2 (5k2 when surprising, flanking, or using higher ground)


  • Fleet (2 pt)
    • You may move an additional 10’ per round above the normal for every point you paid for the Advantage. This Advantage costs 1 fewer point for Deku, and for Zora who apply this bonus only to their swimming speeds (they still gain the full movement benefit).
  • Daredevil (2 pt)
    • You are blessed with a natural athleticism that allows you to accomplish impressive physical feats. You gain a +5 bonus the result of all Athletics rolls. Once per session, if attempting a foolhardy or daring action, you may roll a single die. If the result is higher than 5, you may add the result to a single Skill or Ability roll involved in that action. Zora and Kokiri may purchase this Advantage for 2 points.
  • Great Destiny (4 pt)
    • There is a great purpose in store for you, and the Goddesses themselves will conspire to keep you alive until that point. When you suffer Wounds that would normally kill you, you are instead reduced to a single remaining Wound at the Out level. The universe will protect you once in this manner per game session. Once this destiny has been fulfilled, you lose the benefits of this Advantage and gain 4 experience points.
  • Sacred Weapon [Granted] (5 pt) – Mido’s Lance
    • You have been chosen to wield a mystical weapon of legendary quality. These weapons are truly magnificent, and particular to certain temples or families. Grants +1/heroism level to the TN to hit the character with metal weapons. Also allows the wielder to discern magnetic north. Also, because it’s a legendary weapon: The character receives a Free Raise towards any Skill Roll to wield the weapon, and additionally gains an additional +0k1 to all Skill Rolls to wield it. Uses Javelin stats. (DR: 1k2, may be thrown accurately at a range of up to 50’)


  • Antisocial (2 pt)
    • You prefer to keep to yourself and are often rude in doing so. You keep one fewer die on social skill rolls, or two fewer if you take the 4-point version.
  • Bad Fortune (1 pt)
    • ???
  • Brash (2 pt)
    • You must make a Willpower roll at TN 20 to keep control of your emotions when insulted.
  • Contrary (3 pt)
    • You may not remain neutral about anything. You must have an opinion about everything you encounter. You must take a side in every dispute, seek to solve every problem, and never stand by idly while others take action. You must make a Willpower roll (typically between 5 and 20) to avoid acting in tense situation. Should you fail the roll, you must do something decisive.
  • Insensitive (2 pt)
    • You don’t care overmuch about the plight of others, and you don’t go to a great lengths to keep this a secret. With the exception of those who contribute directly to your well being, you must spend 1 MP to put yourself at risk for another if there is not a direct benefit for you.
  • Small (0 pt)
    • Your movement is calculated as if your Courage were one lower, and you roll one fewer die for damage rolls. Kokiri receive no benefit for this Disadvantage.

School Lessons:

Rank 1: First Strike When attacking a foe from Higher Ground, while Flanking, or attacking an unaware opponent, you roll additional damage dice equal to your School Rank (NOTE: cancels out disadvantage for Small). You may also add your Resilience as a bonus to your TN to Be Hit.

Rank 2: Untouchable Death When combat begins, you may designate a single opponent. Your TN to Be Hit against this opponent increases by five times your School Rank until they hit you successfully. You may also add your Power to all your attack rolls.

Light Armor – For those with mobile fighting styles. This is usually protection for the torso and head, leaving limbs bare or minimally covered. TN to Be Hit Bonus: +3 Special Rules: You suffer a +3 TN penalty to Athletics and Stealth Skill Rolls. Price: 1,500 rupee

Outfit: Light Blade, two Knives, bow and 20 arrows, light armor, daily outfit and boots, waterproofed traveling pack, 500 rupee




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