• Power: 1
    • Strength: 2
    • Resilience: 2
  • Wisdom: 1
    • Perception: 2
    • Willpower: 2
  • Courage: 4
    • Agility: 3
    • Intelligence: 3
  • Magic: 2
  • School: Sheikah
  • Movement: 40’ per round
  • Wounds: 4 per wound level
  • AC: 18
  • Initiative: 4k3
  • Attack:
    • Boomerang: 5k3+2 (Damage 3k1)
    • Sword: 4k3 (Damage 4k2)

Combat & Non-Combat Abilities


  • Thrown Weapons: 2
    • Emphasis Boomerang
  • Light Blades: 1
  • Music (Voice): 2
  • Stealth: 1
  • Animal Handling: 2
    • Emphasis Canine
  • Language (Hylian): NATIVE
  • Language (Ancient Hylian): 1
  • Lore (Triforce): 1
  • Lore (Sheikah): 1
  • 1 skill TBD


  • Faore’s Waltz (Martial, Master 5)
    • By spending 1 MP, you may make an additional attack per round. This effect lasts for a single round; you must spend another MP each round you wish to make a second attack. This is cumulative with making an additional attack using the Extra Attack combat option.
  • Retributive Blow (Spiritual, Mastery 3)
    • The trigger for this Technique is the moment that an opponent successfully strikes you. You must declare at the beginning of a round that you are attempting a Retributive Blow, and spend 1 MP. This reduces your TN to Be Hit to 5. In the instant that an opponent strikes you, before Wounds are applied, you may immediately counterattack, striking your opponent automatically. You may make no Raises on this attack, but automatically gaine one Free Raise for each full increment of 5 by which the opponent exceeded your TN to Be Hit. You may make a number of Retributive Blows per round equal to half your Courage (round down). Only one Retributive Blow may be made against an opponent per round, and the strikes may only be made against opponents who successfully strike you during the round. The damage dealt by you and your opponent occur at the same time.
  • Spirit of the Winds (Internal, Mastery 4)
    • You gain a bonus to your TN to Be Hit equal to your Courage + Heroism + Defense skill. This Technique remains active for a maximum period of 10 minutes or until you choose to end it. During this duration, you may not take the Full Attack Posture.
  • Zora’s Breath (Internal, Mastery 3)
    • You take a single breath, and eliminate the need to breathe for a number of minutes equal to 5 x your Courage. At the end of the Technique, you draw another breath and are instantly restored to your normal rhythm. Any damage-dealing spell cast upon you during this Technique’s duration rolls an additional die of damage.


  • Zelda’s Lullaby (TN 25)
    • This song is the secret melody passed down by the Sheikah and Royal Family. While it can be used to identify people worth sharing secret information with, its more practical use is in activating powerful artifacts scattered across Hyrule.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Ally (3)
    • You are connected. You have an ally or allies who will assist you even under strange circumstances. Influence: Minor (without land or political power); Devotion: Your ally would risk his good name or position to help you, but in secret.
  • Musical Inheritance (7)
    • You were honored to receive training in musical lore by a Sheikah. You roll 1 additional die when making Music rolls or rolls to play magical songs, and gain 1 Free Raise on one musical skill of your choice.


  • Contrary (3)
    • You may not remain neutral about anything. You must have an opinion about everything you encounter. You must take a side in every dispute, seek to solve every problem, and never stand by idly while others take action. You must make a Willpower roll (typically between 5 and 20) to avoid acting in tense situation. Should you fail the roll, you must do something decisive.
  • Driven (3)
    • You have a single goal that you are utterly devoted to achieving. You will turn your back on your friends or family in order to reach this prize.


  • Voice (Legendary Quality)
  • Boomerang
  • Gutter Short Sword (Poor Quality)
  • Scout’s Armor (+3 AC)
  • Gutter Puppy (Poor Quality)
  • Glass Bottle
  • 40 rupees



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