A tiny fairy found fluttering around Mina's head.


Power: 1
Strength 1
Resilience 1

Wisdom: 4
Perception 5
Willpower 4

Courage: 2
Intelligence 2
Agility 6

Magic: 4

Roll when Attacking: 6k6 Damage: 1

TN to Be Hit: 30

Wounds per Level: 2

Initiative: 7k6

Speed: 5’, 40’ flying

Tiny – Fairies roll 2 fewer dice than normal when rolling for damage, and move as if their Courage were 1 lower, and then that speed halved.

Healing – By spending 1 MP, a fairy may heal 2k2 Wounds to one willing target, although the total amount may never be less than the fairy’s Wisdom.

Aim at the Heart – By spending 1 MP, a Fairy Companion in Attack mode who takes no other action can grant 1 Free Raise on attack rolls on one target to one adjacent ally, by identifying and pointing out weak points on the target creature.

Investigation (Notice) 1; Language (Kokiri) 3; Lore (Shadow [Monsters]) 1 (1 Free Raise); Stealth 1


Fayt is the fairy joined to the Kokiri adventurer Mina.


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