Artisan Square

The Artisan’s Square has become the major residential area of Hyrule Town.

Landmarks and Notable Places

Hero’s Square

The beaten, ancient statue of the Hero of Time slaying the demon Ganon that sits in the center of the city has become a gathering place and center for a well-traveled park. Orators, spontaneous performers, and other informal gatherings frequent the square. Many popular holiday celebrations, including the Dark Moon Ball mystery play, take place in the Hero’s Square.

Paper Lane

Lawyers, scribes, and accountants make their home along this road, which brushes against the southern edge of Uptown and runs into the edge of the Merchant’s Quarter.

Though the lawyers and scribes often work for the people of Uptown, the entire quarter works for people in all walks in life.

The Silent Moblin

Marked by a sign of a tongueless Moblin, the Silent Moblin is the most popular bar in the Artisan’s Square. Though not as clean or upscale as many establishments available in the Merchant’s Quarter, the Silent Moblin is known for the gamblers who frequent it, and for being safer than any bar or tavern in the city.

The Tower

After a shift in popularity exiled most sorcerers from their residences in Uptown, those that remained in Hyrule Town began settling in Artisan’s Square. A cooperative commissioned the construction of a private library, around which other sorcerers began living. The two or three blocks surrounding this library are considered ideal places to locate a sorcerer willing to sell his services.

Nayru’s Way, the eastern-most street in the Tower area, has become an unofficial healer’s district, with sorcerers willing to sell healing living next door to conventional doctors.

Well-Known Residents


A beekeerper, artist, and musician, Abeil is the Representative of Artisan’s Square. This elderly Hylian woman is kindly and conciliatory, seeking to keep her constitutents happy. Though not currency-rich, Abeil accomplishes a great deal by trading bee products for goods and services. She also occasionally performs publicly, although never for her own profit.


A Kokiri entrepreneur in recent years opened a service to provide travelers with carrying capacity and general assistance. Bisa’s Great Capacity has recently begun to also stock camping and travel equipment. Bisa consequently has some inside information about who is traveling where and why.

The Tower

The dozen sorcerers that opened the Tower have between them thousands of volumes on magic and magical lore. Two of these sages have passed on in the past several years, leaving ten of the original sorcerers alive. Many of them having been educated and hired within noble families within Hyrule Town and beyond, their real names have long been forgotten. Brewer, Double, Healer, Leader, Mage Slayer, Seer, Shadow, Striker, Wizzrobe, and Zenk are considered by many to be the most educated, if not powerful, sorcerers in the world.

Turan del’Impa

Turan is the city’s most well-known lawyer, and likely the most expensive. He is held on retainer by the Hyrule Town Council, and therefore often acts as the prosecutor for criminal proceedings or civil suits embarked upon by the city itself.

Artisan Square

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