Merchant Quarter

The Merchant’s Quarter is the home of many shops and their owners, and thus is among the highest-traffic areas, especially around holidays.

Landmarks and Notable Places

The Kees Inn

One of the shabbiest, roughest, and lowest-quality taverns in Hyrule Town, the Kees Inn is also the first place a newcomer to the city would find himself. The owner, Tyngaru, is a desperate opportunist, making him a font of information; like his food and lodging, however, its quality is questionable.

Merchant’s Guild House

This building, one of the northernmost in the Merchant’s Quarter and built in High Hylian style, is the pride and joy of the Merchant’s Guild. It is rumored to have been modeled after sketches of the ancient Hylian palace, and its height alone gives some veracity to the rumors. It is closed to the public, however, except during the annual Dark Moon Ball.

The Temple of Song

This is not a temple by any stretch of the imagination, but a concert hall, theater, and gathering place for artists, found along the edge of the river. It forms the center of an informal, worldwide band of musicians and storytellers known as the Bard’s Guild. Answers to questions even sages are unaware of can be found here, but the Bards trade only in their own unique currency.

Well-Known Residents


Said to have been expelled from twelve separate academies and sorcerer apprenticeships, Belert nevertheless holds a reputation for being the most intelligent person in all of Hyrule. He has studied half-heartedly in many areas of lore, and intensely in the performance of music, and can often be found in the Temple of Song, playing his ocarina.


This Hylian woman has been the owner of a small tavern she purchased thirty years ago for most of her adult life. Although The Twisted Fern serves only mediocre food, it stocks the highest-quality bevrages in Hyrule, with high prices matching the high quality.

Jude Carom

A disowned child of the Carom trading family, Jude is a laid-back Hylian running a disorganized toy shop. Despite the allegedly juvenile nature of his store, Jude sees people from all walks of life, and is quite popular among his peers.

Krak Fall

A butcher and surgeon, Krak is the second Deku to represent the Merchant’s Quarter. He is a keen businessman and quite sociable; he keeps abreast of the developments of his colleagues and competition, and rarely needs to be told of a problem by his constituents before he moves to solve it, often without the assistance of the rest of the Council.

Messor Tro

This eighty-year-old Hylian man owns the longest-running single business in Hyrule Town (if one discounts the Temple of Song or the Merchants’ Guild), the Faerie Spring. A favorite of city natives, the Faerie Spring is a social hub, albeit focused on the concerns of the Merchant’s Quarter, rather than the city at a whole.


A consummate actor of indeterminate gender and race, Oranso holds the title of the Sage of Faces in the Temple of Song. Oranso directs many of the highest-quality performances in the Temple, and at times is summoned to the palaces of the Northern Kingdoms to perform beyond Death Mountain.

Rokor of the Iron Mountain

A native of Death Mountain, Rokor is an atypical Goron, open and quick to make friends. He is also the most highly-regarded weaponsmith in Hyrule Town. His weapons are simple in design and usually of average quality.


Having built her brewery over an underground spring, Silas is one of the few independant Zora in Hyrule Town. The best taverns and restaurants serve Silas’ beverages, both alcoholic and non. She can frequently be found in taverns plysing samples of new drinks in an effort to drum up more sales, and is therefore quite popular among frequent carousers in this district.


Tyngaru is the greedy, miserly Hylian owner of the Kees Inn, one of the first places most newcomers to Hyrule Town end up staying in. He is unfriendly and selfish, but watchful and always willing to trade information, so long as he believes he’s getting the better bargain.


A strange Kokiri woman, Trass sells wooden figurines, masks, and weapons. She sells the work of bowyers and fletchers, in addition to her simpler weapons, and buys and sells carved curiosities. She is enigmatic and unpredictable, but a well-liked figure by many.

Merchant Quarter

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